Project Description

Duration 3 Months

1:30 AM-4:30PM

Tuition: approx ~ $97,000 JMD

Hair care has been an important profession since the beginning of time. Throughout history, a great deal of effort has gone into acquiring a fashionable hairstyle or a perfectly trimmed beard. Although styles change from year to year, the Barber’s task remains the same – to make an attractive change in a person’s appearance.


Areas of training such as:

  • Health and Safety
  • Maintain safe, clean work environment
  • Receive and direct Client
  • Personal hygiene
  • Conduct clients Consultation
  • Use of equipment
  • Hair analysis/disorder

H ands-on experience:

  • Preparing client for treatment
  • Use of base/carrier and essential oil
  • Head Massage
  • Back/Shoulder/Neck Massage
  • Perform Chair Massage
  • Provide Swedish Massage (Full Body)
  • Provide Aromatherapy Massage